JR Custom Paint and Design

Here is what I did with this ESP LTD.  I started with this guitar which was just asking for a make over    


Started by disassembling, masking, sanding and priming the guitar.  This is a single piece guitar so the neck and body don't seperate

Next up painted the whole thing with a custom mixed base brown.  Not too exciting so far.

Now for the fun part.  I added this pattern to create background I want.  Some of the sections have a little different tone, but it does not matter at this point. 

To get more interest in the background, I chose to add this geometric pattern up the center.

Noe to get to some of the main theme of this project.  The large gears are airbrushed in and shaded to create the depth.

Cuz 4 gears is never enough, I added a bunch more, stacked and layered to build out this part of the design.

Time to break up this image with some gold and silver banding

To finalize this design I added the filigree to bring the whole concept to life.  I used some different techniques to accomplish the look I was after

Below are some images of the finished guitar after clear sand and buff