JR Custom Paint and Design

Here is the airplane project that my friends have been building for the past few years. It is time to add some color

Preparing the main wing

Laying down some sealer

Danny spraying the blue.

One of the wings with the Blue and Yellow  basic graphic design.

Danny and I working on the rear wing

Taping out the graphics in the rear wing.

Here is the ALMOST finished graphic on the rear wing.  Decided to add a little more detail after seeing this result.

And here is that detail.  Added the blue line between the yellow and the white which really made the graphic pop.

Moving on to the body with the blue and white sprayed and starting the graphics layout

You can start to see the body graphic coming together.

Paint design on the cowl.

Working on the graphic detail on the cowl.

Another shot of the body graphics

Time to add the name to the nose.  Starting with the blue outline for the text.

More of the same

More work on the name

Painting the white sealer before adding the red lettering

The red goes on 

Airbrushed in the red letters and the black shading

Finished lettering

Starting work on the tail graphics by taping out the outline of the graphic.

Blue tape and more Blue tape

Takes a lot of masking before painting can begin

Painting starts with laying down grey sealer

Working on the crawfish.  Sprayed the red and started the detail on the legs

Working on an excellent smile

This character is starting to reveal himself.

This guy is just about done .... blocked in the sailor babe with grey sealer.

More sealer 

Painted the back half of the crawfish on the tail rudder

Painting in the shoe with highlights and detail.

Putting some cloths on this girl and laying the two pieces together to see the overall graphic

More work on her outfit

Airbrushing in the skin tones bringing this babe to life

She is coming together, but needs a beautiful face.

She is looking good

Finished up her hat

I gave her some hair 

The finished tail graphic.  

Danny with the tail mounted to the plane.  He has clearcoated everything which is really setting off this paint job.