JR Custom Paint and Design

This popcorn machine pretty much started out looking like this. Need to make it more fitting for the ABW taproom.

As with all projects ... I start off disassembling, sanding and preparing it and then hitting it with a sealer coat.  In this case, sealer grey.

Knocked out the legs first with a coat of red and then clear coat.  Got these done and set aside.

Added the red band on the base.

Then added the blue to both of these peices

Added the text to the bottom of the base.

Blocked in the beerdrops and added the yellow to the main center graphic.

Added the airbrush work to the beerdrop graphics.

Painted in the "A"

Finished up the main graphics with the red details

Painted the graphic on the back door of the base.

For the top I added the red and yellow design used by ABW

Here are the finished pictures of the popcoen machine